Education is a key component to traumatic brain and spinal cord injury prevention and overall safety.  When we are informed, we make better decisions.

Some of the most powerful educational tools are real stories.  If you are someone who has suffered a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury and would like to share your story with others so they can learn the importance of safe practices, email us at  Voices for Injury Prevention (VIPs), speakers who share their experiences with traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, are important to the ThinkFirst educational program.

VIPs must meet the following criteria:
  1. Must have experienced a traumatic injury.
  2. Must participate in ongoing speaker training workshops and develop effective presentation skills.
  3. Must use language appropriate to the audience.
  4. Must not glorify dangerous behavior or poor decision making.

What others are saying about our educational programs:

"I thought that it was very powerful and made a big impact on the way I look at driving.  It has motivated me to always wear my seat belt and know that what I do on the road affects those around me."
-- Airline High School Student

"Thank you for coming and sharing with our students.  I have been known to talk on my cell and sometimes try to read emails or Facebook while at the red light - but after hearing these moving and real stories, I've made a commitment to no more phone usage while driving in a car.  Please keep sharing your story.  If even one student is impacted, it's worth it."
-- Byrd High School Teacher

"ThinkFirst is an awesome program and Byrd High School was honored that you spoke with our students.
-- Byrd High School Faculty Member

"ThinkFirst is a fantastic program that does a really good job of relating values to our students."
--Bossier High School Teacher

"The VIP presentation had the greatest impact on me.  Her testimony was really enlightening and made me more aware of how quickly your life can be changed.  It motivated me to make better choices."
-- Parkway High School Student

"The speakers share their story and explain how easy crashes can change your life.  They did a good job giving the message because they actually explain how to prevent it and it was very helpful to the youth.  Since prom is coming up soon, I'll be driving, but I will avoid friends who plan on driving with drugs in their system."
-- Byrd High School Student

"Seeing how the people were injured made me think, 'That could be me.' You guys have an amazing program that really gets to people.  Thanks for coming."
-- Caddo Magnet High School Student

"The VIP presentation had the greatest impact on me because I saw the first-hand consequence of drinking and driving.  It verified my belief in not drinking and definitely not drinking and driving.  It was a great program and I think it influenced many people."
-- Caddo Magnet High School Student