Preventable traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries are devastating to those who sustain the injuries as well as their friends and family. These injuries are life-changing, often resulting in significant loss of freedom, income, quality of life and ability.

The message of ThinkFIrst of the Ark-La-Tex is “Use your mind to protect your body.” If you just take a few brief seconds before you act, you can give yourself a chance to make the right decision. This is because many poor decisions that lead to traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries occur without thought or planning.

Here are a few safety tips to protect your loved ones and you from injury. Learn these tips and share them with those around you.

If you suspect someone has a brain or spinal cord injury:

  • Call 911.
  • Keep the victims head in the same position.
  • Leave the victim in the vehicle unless there is obvious danger of fire.
  • Leave the victim’s helmet on his or her head.
  • Leave the victim in the water: allow the person to float face up in a shallow area.


Trauma prevention tips:

  • Safety belts save lives. Buckle up every time you’re in a vehicle, no matter where you sit.
  • Wait until you are 21 to drink. Never drive when you have been drinking or ride in the vehicle if the driver has been drinking. TEXTING AND DRIVING… IT CAN WAIT.

  • Wear proper sports gear. Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard or ATV.
Feet first, first time. Carefully walk into water to check for depth and objects before jumping or diving.